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    Moutaz E
    Founder & CEO
    Neima T
    Chief Tech. Officer
    Evelyn T
    Cheif Mkt. Officer

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Kindly go through the Below FAQs for knowledge base about XSAP. If you still did not find any answers, send us a support ticket.

    What is XSAP Token?

    xSapphire is a Software Development Company. XSAP Token is an Ethereum Smart Contract developed on Ethererum Blockhain.

    Do Wallet Supports XSAP Token?

    Yes. XSAP token is fully compatible with Trust Wallet and Eidoo Wallet. Moreover, XSAP token can be stored on any ERC20 Wallets.

    What are the advantage of XSAP Token?

    XSAP is a Dedicated Decentralized and Scalable Smart Contract, and can handle thousand of Transactions per seconds.

    What is the Total Supply of XSAP Token?

    XSAP Total Supply is very less and fixed at 750 million. From which 5% of Token will be burned every year till next 5 Years.

    When will XSAP available on Exchange for trading?

    Company will list XSAP token on Exchanges after successully complition of Airdrop and ICO.

    What are the future plans of xSapphire?

    We are working on 4 new projects including Supply Chain Management and other. Our projects/products will be used by many Industry throughout the World.

    Who can Register with XSAP Platform?

    Any person or individual outside USA, can register on XSAP Platform.

    Is it ERC20 Token or Decentralized Blockchain?

    Yes, XSAP Token is an Ethererum Based ERC20 Token. In future we will be migrating to Decentralized Blockchain.

    How can i participate in Airdrop?

    Just Fill up the Registration Form and create your Account to participate in our Airdrop.

    What is the benifits of joining Airdrop?

    XSAP User will get 20 XSAP token for registering with the system. Moreover, they can earn 10 XSAP from every friend they refer.

    What is the deadline to join Airdrop?

    Any person outside USA, can join and participate in Airdrop "on" or "before" 15th April 2019.

    When can i withdraw Airdrop tokens?

    After successfully complition of Airdrop Period, User can make withdrawal of their XSAP token to any ERC20 Supportable Exchange or Wallet.

    When will ICO Starts and how long will it run?

    ICO will starts from 20th April 2019 to 20th June 2019.

    What is the bonus structure of ICO?

    Users who will purchase tokens in, First 30 Days after starting of ICO will get 25% Bonus of XSAP token. Purchasing after 30 days will be eligible to get 10% bonus in XSAP tokens.

    When can i get Tokens in ICO?

    Tokens will be credited instantly to you Wallet, after successfully completing the payment through Ethereum.

    Where can i check my available Tokens of ICO?

    You can check your Tokens on your ERC20 Wallets. Tokens will be credited to the same Ethereum Address from where you did the payment.

    Do i need to submit KYC for Account Opening?

    Currently, you do not need to Complete the KYC on xSapphire Portal. At the time of withdrawal your Exchange may ask you to verify Account.

    How can i recover my Account Password?

    You can use "Forgot Password" Option on Login page, then Enter your Registered Email Id and 4 Digit Pin. You will receive an email for setting up new password.

    How can i change ETH or BTC Address in my profile?

    Changing of ETH and BTC Address is not possible. Kindly, Confirm your profile before updating Addresses.

    How much time does it takes to Complete my Withdrawals?

    Sometimes it may take more time than expected because Receiving Coins to your Address Depends on the Ethereum Network.

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